Aug 022011

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Stern ‘not optimistic,’ questions union’s good faith

August 2

Nearly three hours of talks in the first negotiating session since June between representatives of the NBA owners and the players’ union produced nothing new in proposals for a collective bargaining agreement that could end the league’s month-old lockout.  Afterward, a four-minute briefing with NBA commissioner David Stern brought his strongest rebuke yet of what he sees as the players’ unwillingness to compromise and end the dispute that could threaten part or all of the 2011-12 season.

Report: NBA bans scouts from going to college practices

August 1 Pro Basketball Talk

In it’s efforts to keep teams from contacting players during the lockout, the NBA is finding new levels of absurdity. As our latest example, we present this:  Whatever happens with the next NBA season, there will be a draft at some point. So teams are still going to be scouting college and international players. A large part of what scouts do is watch players in practice — there you can get an idea of their work habits, interactions with teammates and coaches, strengths and weaknesses that may not be seen during games.

New rule could prevent NBA players from heading to China

August 1

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) is planning to implement two new rules in response to the possibility of NBA players wanting to play in China while they are locked out at home, according to a report on Sina Sports (via and HoopsHype).  The two new rules, as reported by Sina Sports: 1) Chinese teams will not be allowed to include out-clauses in contracts with NBA players; and 2) teams will be allowed to sign only one active NBA player. The CBA is concerned that it would be adversely affected if NBA stars went back to the U.S. once the lockout is over.

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