Sixers Runaround: NBA Lockout Updates

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Aug 252011

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Stale contracts provide new ammunition in this NBA labor battle

August 25 Washington Post columnist Mike Wise

Before Game 4 of the NBA Finals in early June, almost a dozen players and about 10 owners met to frankly discuss their economic differences and how they could avoid a lockout before their current labor agreement expired less than a month later. If there was ever a moment to crystallize why there very well may not be an NBA season and what this is about, it came when Mark Cuban spoke freely about a recurring frustration among his peers: stale contracts.  “When we had Tariq Abdul-Wahad, he didn’t seem to want to train, didn’t really want to practice — he really was interested in a lot of things besides basketball,” the Dallas owner said

Players are fighting an uphill battle in public perception

August 25 Newark Star-Ledger columnist Dave D’Alessandro

This will be the last thing worth mentioning about the NBA for the foreseeable future, because the players have concluded that they’re best served by curling up in a fetal position and playing defense like the Knicks, or by essentially keeping their mouths shut until they are force-fed their inscrutable fate.  We know this now because Delonte West said something the other day, and within hours he was a national punch line. You probably saw it: The free-agent guard tweeted about how he’s already broke, and that he had applied for a job at the local Home Depot.

Report: NBA lockout could cost arena operators $1 billion

August 25 Newark Star-Ledger

A report on says NBA arena operators are at risk of losing as much as $1 billion in ticket revenue if the NBA lockout wipes out the 2011-12 season.  NBA teams generated $1.1 billion in ticket revenues in the 2010-11 season and the report speculates that number would go up this season, once ticket price increases are taken into consideration.

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