Sep 162011

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Fisher answers lockout questions after productive players meeting

September 16

The room was finally his. Surrounded only by empty chairs and a big-screen television that still had the NBA players’ motto of “STAND” across the screen, union president Derek Fisher sat back in his seat inside this swank hotel space on Thursday afternoon. His colleagues who had asked the hard questions and shared their frustration were gone, having left with buoyed spirits and much-needed resolve in this lockout. NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith had left, too, his message of unity successfully shared after Fisher so brilliantly invited the man who knows these types of struggles to share his wisdom.

Derek Fisher: Rift among owners

September 15

Before the NBA’s owners and players’ union returned to their respective corners on Thursday — the owners in Dallas, the players in Las Vegas — to regroup following Tuesday’s negotiating session that ended with the lockout still very much intact, union president Derek Fisher sent out an email to his colleagues asking for solidarity.  The email, first printed by, challenges the faction of player agents who wish to decertify the union and it also hints that there may be some division growing between the league’s 29 owners.

NBA players turn to NFLPA’s Smith

September 15

Maybe this NBA players meeting won’t be so gloom and doom after all.  According to a source close to union president Derek Fisher, NFL Players Association head DeMaurice Smith is expected to address a group of about 70 players in Las Vegas on Thursday morning. It’s a creative and well-timed wrinkle that came as a result of Fisher’s invite, with the NFL’s equivalent to National Basketball Players Association executive director Billy Hunter sure to relieve some of the tension in the room.

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