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Sixers PG Jrue Holiday

Sixers PG Jrue Holiday

February 3 Philadelphia Inquirer:

Jrue Holiday’s usual expression is neutral.

After a win, or even after a loss, Holiday just stares past the gathering media as if he’s reading a distant billboard instead of facing a dozen people and a few cameras.

Of course, Holiday had never recorded an NBA triple-double.

Maybe it’s the recent play of his 76ers, who have looked smoother than poured water, winners of four of their last five games. Or maybe it’s the jack-of-all-trades label that comes when you rack up big numbers in points, rebounds, and assists. Or maybe it’s a combination of both.

Either way, after Wednesday night’s 106-92 victory over the New Jersey Nets, Holiday looked genuinely excited, almost animated.

Which he should be.

Holiday finished with 11 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds. He grabbed the 10th of those rebounds with 2 minutes, 4 seconds remaining in the game. Was Holiday aware of these statistics? Yes, he was made aware of exactly what was needed (one more rebound) to reserve his place in triple-double land.

Teammate Jodie Meeks told him five times, Andre Iguodala told him six, and Tony Battie told him twice.

“So, yeah, they told me,” Holiday said with a laugh. “I knew I needed one more rebound, that’s what they kept on telling me to get.”

Of that last rebound, Holiday said, “I went in and got that one. I went in there for it.”

Power forward Elton Brand, his locker across the room from Holiday’s, teased the 20-year-old point guard: “I let him get that last rebound so he could have his first triple-double.”

The Sixers improved to 22-26. The Nets, who had recently been playing well at home, dropped to 15-35.

This is life these days for the much-improved Sixers. Two months ago, a victory in itself would be cause for good cheer and glowing smiles. Now, the win was the expected part. The triple-double just made things a little more exciting.

“We gave him the game ball,” Sixers coach Doug Collins said.

“It’s definitely an accomplishment. Not too many people have done this,” Holiday said. “I guess the greatest have done this. Like Coach [Aaron] McKie said, ‘Welcome to the exclusive club.’ And I’m a part of it.””

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