Jul 222013
Phillies Minor Leagues 2013: Where Is The Pitching?

Since Ruben Amaro still seems determined to at the very least stand pat at the deadline, I’m going to hold off on doing any trade deadline preview things.  The wisdom in this plan is certainly questionable; they’re back under .500 again, and when you need a laundry list of things to break just right to [More…]

Jul 152013
2013 Phillies Top 15 Prospects At Mid-Season

This could easily become obsolete in two weeks thanks to the trading deadline (or even two days if I change my mind), but after the signing deadline last week, I thought I’d post an updated list of the top 15 prospects in the organization.  I ranked 30 prospects out of 42 considered for the list, [More…]

Jul 082013
Phillies 2013 Prospect Report: Whose Stock Is Up, Whose Is Down?

Over the course of a season, players go hot and cold, but over three months in, it’s generally safe to say that a player performing well is performing well, and one that isn’t, isn’t  Prospect stocks have changed since the beginning of the year, and unfortunately for the Phillies, it seems like more have gone [More…]