Feb 082012
Breaking Down the 2012 Phillies - The Infield: First Base

The Infield When the Phillies were a World Series team, their infield was one of the biggest reasons why. It was not just that they had a very good offensive infield with very good power in all four spots, but defensively they were also very good at the three key defense spots of shortstop, third [More…]

Jan 312012
The Crow's Nest: Pat’s Bat Goes Quiet For Good

The word going around baseball today was that longtime Phillie and two time world champion Pat Burrell was going to retire from baseball. The former number one pick in the draft has cited his oft injured foot as keeping him from playing at a high level and over a long 162 game season. Foot problems [More…]

Jan 282012
The Crow's Nest: A Farewell to Arms

Phillies take a step back from the Lidge Being a closer can be a thankless job at times. At others it can be a job with rewards and many accolades. Brad Lidge has experienced both in his time with the Phillies.Lidge’s 2008 was a season of pure mastery and perfection. He was as lock down [More…]

Jan 242012
The Crow's Nest: Lows, Highs, and Puzzling In-Betweens

RIP Andy Musser Growing up in Northeastern/Central Pennsylvania it was a long haul to Philadelphia so it was not every day we were able to go see the Phillies play at the Vet.  Sitting at home we would catch the games on TV on WTAF 29, WPHL 17, and on Prism and on the radio [More…]

Oct 112011
The Crow's Nest: When History Repeats

Another Fall has led to another fall.  A fall that has Phillies fans everywhere trying to recover from broken dreams. For the second year in a row, the best team in baseball failed to live up to the hype and the faith that the Phillies fans put into them. Unlike last year however, this team [More…]

Aug 102011
The Crow's Nest: A Case(y) for Blake

With Placido Polanco being diagnosed with a sports hernia and his status unknown for the foreseeable future the Phillies once again have some questions about third base. This is still a question that deserves an answer, despite the Phillies motoring along at a high rate with the best record in baseball again. Right now super [More…]

Aug 052011
The Crow’s Nest: A Rhodes Scholar

A few days ago the Texas Rangers designated Arthur Lee Rhodes for assignment.  He didn’t have very good overall numbers for the AL champions after signing with them as a free agent in the offseason.  The 41 year-old lefty pitched to a 4.81 ERA in 32 games with 1.479 WHIP in 24 1/3 innings.  At [More…]

Feb 172011
The Crow’s Nest: Breaking down the 2011 Phillies - The Bench & Depth

By Barry Jeffrey, Jr.: The Phillies have solid starting players, from the on field eight through the rotation and the bullpen.  No one really can question that, if everyone is healthy, but what about the bench and the depth below the major league levels.  Any team that suffers injuries to key members of their starting [More…]