Sep 022010
With help from offense, Oswalt leads Phillies over Dodgers

  Phillies RHP Roy Oswalt September 2 Philadelphia Daily News  “A chunk was missing from the pitching rubber, and the balls he hurled to the plate felt slicker than usual. But when Roy Oswalt walked off the field with one out in the seventh inning at Dodger Stadium yesterday afternoon, he did so once again [More…]

Sep 012010
Phillies offense wakes up in win over Dodgers

September 1 Philadelphia Daily News “Against a couple of familiar faces, the Phillies found a reprieve from the offensive struggles that have plagued them for most of the last 2 weeks. A three-run homer by Brian Schneider in the second inning helped knock former Phils farmhand Carlos Monasterios out of the game in the third [More…]

Dodgers’ Kuroda one-hits Phillies

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Aug 312010
Dodgers' Kuroda one-hits Phillies

August 31 Philadelphia Daily News “If the Phillies entered last night hoping to face the Hiroki Kuroda whom they demolished in the National League Championship Series last October, they came away severely disappointed. Instead, the pitcher they faced looked strikingly similar to the one who had stymied them on four other occasions, not to mention [More…]

Aug 132010
Phillies edge Dodgers in an epic comeback

August 13 Philadelphia Inquirer “After hitting the two-run double that capped an incredible Phillies rally, Carlos Ruiz tried to escape his teammates. But that wasn’t happening. Not on this night. He ran away from the happy mob of players sprinting from the dugout. Brian Schneider and Mike Sweeney were the first to tackle him. “And [More…]