Jul 272011
Eagles positional analysis and free agency outlook: Linebacker

So far we’ve looked at the Eagles situation at defensive end and defensive tackle, and it’s not been that encouraging.  Now, looking at linebacker, it’s starting to get downright depressing. Here’s how the Eagles look as of now: [UPDATE] As this was being written the story came out that the Eagles would not bring back [More…]

Jul 242011
Laugh of the Day: Eskin says Eagles want to sign Brett Favre

In all of Philly sports there is possibly no one more annoying and irritating than Howard Eskin, whether he’s incessantly ripping the Phillies (he’s the only person on the planet who dislikes Roy Halladay), kissing the Eagles and especially Andy Reid’s ample ass, or just being a know-nothing and petty asshole. In all of sports, [More…]

Jul 192011
Eagles should have around $20 million in cap space for free agency

The NFL lockout is finally about to end – allegedly – and that means it’s time for teams to get down to business.  And the first priority for the Eagles, even before the inevitable Kevin Kolb trade, should be signing free agents – their own, undrafted rookies, and veterans from other teams. With that in mind, the [More…]