Jan 262012
Phillies Countdown: Top 30 Minor League Prospects

After reviewing the top 15 hitters and pitchers in the organization, it’s time to combine them into an overall top 30. However, it’s not quite a 15/15 split; there will be 16 pitchers. There is a lot of talent in the lower levels, but it’s still going to be a few years before those guys [More…]

Jan 192012
Phillies Top 15 Minor League Pitching Prospects: Early 2012 Edition

Last week, I went over the organization’s top position player prospects. Sebastian Valle leads the pack after recent trades depleted their depth. Throw in Domonic Brown’s graduation from prospect status, and Valle is in the right place at the right time. As usual, they have a number of players in the lower levels who have [More…]

Nov 142011
Phillies Prospects A-Z Part 1: A through E

Over at www.raysprospects.com, the great staff is doing an offseason feature called Prospect A-Z. Each day, one of the writers covers a prospect for that letter. For example, Chris Archer for the letter A. Some of the letters are more difficult to cover and require a stretch, most of which are near the end of [More…]