Nov 162010
The Crow's Nest: First Moves, part 1

By Barry Jeffrey Jr.: It is early in the offseason, the General Managers meetings have begun today and Free Agency is in its infancy.  That has not stopped the Phillies from making a few moves already.  Today I am going to talk about the Phillies biggest move so far in this early dawn of baseball [More…]

Nov 152010
The Crow's Nest: The Meetings of the Minds

By Barry Jeffrey Jr.: This week is the annual post World Series General Managers meetings.  Ruben Amaro will be traveling down to Orlando to talk with his fellow GMs and MLB personnel about mostly off the field affairs such as the state of the game, arbitration, the next CBA, and suggested rules changes. Unlike previous [More…]

Nov 082010
Phillies quiet so far in free agency, despite Werth situation, bullpen needs

November 8 Philadelphia Daily News: “Football is said to be a game of controlled aggression, but the same label applies to the modus operandi of Ruben Amaro Jr. in each of the last two baseball offseasons, moving swiftly to fill his most glaring needs instead of waiting for the market to unfold. The results: Raul [More…]

Nov 082010
The Crow's Nest: The Market Has Opened

By Barry Jeffrey Jr.: The clock struck midnight last night, officially beginning the free agency period in baseball.  Nothing happened.  No players signed any deals, no big news, just the usual hot stove rumors.  Baseball’s market opening is a direct antithesis of the NFL’s.  In the NFL when the free agency period begins you usually [More…]

Nov 062010
Phillies to increase ticket prices in 2011

By Justin Adkins: The hard shot to the gut that was the end to the Phillies‘ 2010 season is being followed up with an uppercut to the wallet heading into 2011 — ticket prices are increasing. Here is a breakdown of the increases (per Infield (115-132) and baseline rows 1-6 up to $65 from $60 Baseline [More…]

Oct 262010
Phillies Runaround - 10.26.10; Amaro, Rollins, lame Werth puns...

October 26: Philadelphia Phillies news and stories from around the web… Werth, Amaro in same ballpark; can they get on same page? October 26 Philadelphia Daily News: “FROM THE SAME podium, 2 hours apart, two men did their best to frame the negotiations. First came the general manager, putting the onus on his free agents’ [More…]

Oct 252010
Phillies Runaround - 10.25.10; NLCS fallout, Werth, Free Agency, more...

October 25: Philadelphia Phillies news and stories from around the web… We were hoping for a better explanation from Ryan Howard October 25 Philadelphia Daily News columnist Sam Donnellon: “Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright, The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light, And somewhere men are laughing, [More…]