Aug 052010
Lurie: Kevin Kolb era would have started in '09 if Donovan McNabb was tradable

August 5 Philadelphia Daily News “Such is the magnetism of crime and rumor that, in his annual State of the Winless address, Jeff-rey Lurie largely was spared a grilling on topics of real importance. Instead, the Eagles’ owner spent most of yesterday’s yearly press conference defending his decision to retain controversial ex-convict Michael Vick after [More…]

Aug 052010
What are the facts? The owner doesn't appear to be that curious about them

August 5 Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan “Jeff Lurie says he deals in “the facts” when it comes to Michael Vick’s birthday bash at the OK Corral, and that’s fine. It just makes you wonder why he doesn’t seem that concerned with knowing the facts, let alone sharing those facts with the people who support his [More…]

Jul 262010
Expert says Eagles' corporate playbook is a winner

  July 26 Philadelphia Inquirer  “Even a quick glance at Andy Reid’s wardrobe will confirm that the Eagles don’t operate within the buttoned-down constraints of an IBM. They don’t have the same single-minded commitment to profit as a shareholder-driven firm like Microsoft. And while they might have Apple’s cult-like following, the team certainly doesn’t possess [More…]