Nov 142011
PSC Eagles Talk: Lose 21-17 to Cardinals; Vick broken ribs; DeSean; more...

What a disgrace.  What once was anger is now apathy tinged with disgust.  This organization is rotten from the head down, and that doesn’t mean Reid — he’s simply the ample belly of this bumbling beast.  Because there’s no doubt that when Reid finally quits/gets fired, the morons at the very top will find a [More…]

Joe Paterno fired by Penn State

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Nov 102011
Joe Paterno fired by Penn State

84 years old. 45 years a head coach. 409 victories. 2 National Championships. Zero integrity. Here’s to hoping he and every other coward who willfully allowed a monster to continue to prey on children never have the satisfaction of a full night’s sleep again. Discussion on the PSC message board in the huge rolling Sandusky [More…]

Nov 062011

This Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse and Penn State cover-up story is horrible beyond belief.  Not sure which is harder to stomach or comprehend — a person’s willingness to sexually abuse children, or those who knew about it but chose to do nothing, to basically protect a sexual predator preying on children.  Absolutely disgusting.  Everyone at [More…]