Jan 232011
Phillies should try hard to deal Blanton

January 23 Philadelphia Inquirer: “A nickname that will stick remains unsettled for the first four well-decorated members of the Phillies’ 2011 starting rotation. The options for the fifth starter, on the other hand, can be reduced to two: the other guy or the fifth wheel. No capitalization needed. What the Phillies must decide between now [More…]

Dec 222010
Blanton talk could intensify once Pavano is off market

December 22 Foxsports.com: “Teams looking for starting pitching could do worse than Phillies right-hander Joe Blanton. In fact, Blanton isn’t all that dissimilar from free-agent right-hander Carl Pavano – but at 30, he is almost five years younger. The Phillies want to trade Blanton, who is owed $8.5 million in each of the next two [More…]