Jul 302012
PSC Phillies Talk: MLB Trade Deadline - Lee, Pence, Victorino, Blanton trade rumors...

Here’s a sampling of recent/active threads from the PSC Phillies message board.  Click the thread title to get the latest news and updates and to participate in the discussion: Thread: MLB Trade Deadline GDT Thread: Pence Traded (maybe; still unconfirmed) Thread: Pence rumor. Thread: Shane Victorino trade rumor discussion Thread: Phillies Trade Deadline Preview: Pittsburgh [More…]

Amaro’s Poker Game

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Dec 132010
Amaro's Poker Game

By Tony Fryckberg: 72,193-to-1. Those are the odds in poker of drawing a straight flush. A straight flush is the only hand in poker that can beat four aces. Ruben Amaro has pocket aces, the third ace fell on the turn, and now it’s time for the river card–and he’s all in. The dealer? A [More…]