Oct 032010
Support the Eagles and Breast Cancer Awareness 2010

October 3 nfl.com: The NFL, its clubs, players and the NFL Players Association are proud to support the fight against breast cancer. Our campaign, “A Crucial Catch“, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, is focused on the importance of annual screenings, especially for women who are 40 and older. Throughout October, NFL games will [More…]

Aug 052010
Use your head to understand 2010 NFL rules changes

August 5 Philadelphia Daily News “You can’t hit opponents in the head or neck anymore. Sort of. Sometimes. The NFL sent a traveling officiating contingent to Eagles training camp yesterday, and that was the upshot of one of the rules changes for 2010. Basically, the league has tweaked rules that were in place last season, [More…]

Jul 092010
Tony Dungy: Michael Vick may still face NFL punishment from Roger Goodell

July 9 USA Today   “Former NFL coach Tony Dungy said Thursday that Michael Vick may still face repercussions from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell despite police in Virginia clearing him of criminal wrongdoing in a June 25 shooting at his birthday party. Speaking to the Dan Patrick radio show, Dungy said Vick, on probation for his [More…]