Joe Paterno fired by Penn State

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Nov 102011
Joe Paterno fired by Penn State

84 years old. 45 years a head coach. 409 victories. 2 National Championships. Zero integrity. Here’s to hoping he and every other coward who willfully allowed a monster to continue to prey on children never have the satisfaction of a full night’s sleep again. Discussion on the PSC message board in the huge rolling Sandusky [More…]

Nov 082011
PSC Eagles Talk:  Lose 30-24 to Bears, Sandusky scandal; Anger; more...

An inconsistent defense couldn’t make up for an inconsistent offense, which meant a maddening 30-24 defeat for the Eagles at the hands of the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. The biggest key to the game was the Bears rushing their best player Matt Forte 24 times for 133 yards, while the Eagles inexplicably chose [More…]

Nov 062011

This Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse and Penn State cover-up story is horrible beyond belief.  Not sure which is harder to stomach or comprehend — a person’s willingness to sexually abuse children, or those who knew about it but chose to do nothing, to basically protect a sexual predator preying on children.  Absolutely disgusting.  Everyone at [More…]