Jun 162012
Phillies 2012 MLB Draft Review: Position Players

Last week, I reviewed the pitchers the Phillies took in the 2012 draft, which was the area they clearly focused on.  Three of their first four picks were pitchers, and only 15 of their 42 total picks were position players.  It’s clear that they’re expecting a lot from last year’s class which was very hitter-friendly.  [More…]

Jun 122012
Phillies 2012 MLB Draft Review: Pitchers

Last week, the annual amateur draft concluded with some changes. It was only 40 rounds instead of 50, so the conference call on the third day only lasted six hours instead of at least eight. The spending caps put in place for this draft created some interesting strategies. The Rangers, Blue Jays and Yankees, typically [More…]

May 282012
MLB Draft 2012: Phillies Preview and Prospects Review

In just one week, baseball begins its annual amateur draft, and once again the first round will be shown live on MLB Network.  However, this year it comes with some changes thanks to the new CBA.  The most noticeable will be the bonus pool teams are restricted to when it comes to signing their picks.  [More…]