Nov 202011
PSC Phillies Talk: Trade for Ty Wiggington; MLB Free Agency; more...

The Hot Stove continues to burn as MLB free agency chugs along.  The Phillies have already made a big splash, signing closer Jonathan Papelbon to the largest contract ever for a reliever.  On the offensive side, the splashes have not quite been so big.  First was the Jim Thome signing, while a good thing for [More…]

Nov 172011
Phillies re-sign backup catcher Brian Schneider

While not quite as big as the Papelbon signing, the Phillies have made another free agent signing.  This time they brought back one of their own — but it wasn’t Jimmy Rollins. On Wednesday Fox Sports reported that the Phillies were nearing a deal with catcher Brian Schneider, and now today SI’s Jon Heyman says [More…]

Nov 112011
Phillies sign free agent closer Jonathan Papelbon

The Phillies just solved their closer problem.  That’s because the team has signed Boston Red Sox free agent Jonathan Papelbon, per CSN Philly’s Jim Salisbury. The deal is reportedly four years and $50 million guaranteed.  Wow.  And Jayson Stark says there’s likely a vesting option for a fifth year, giving the deal a possible total [More…]

Nov 072011
PSC Phillies Talk: Thome signed; Pursuing Cuddyer; Hot Stove; more...

The Jim Thome signing is great but the real MLB Hot Stove hasn’t really even begun to churn yet.  The Phillies may or may not be pursuing free agent Michael Cuddyer, and at any time the words “former Phillie” could be affixed to the name Jimmy Rollins… Here’s a sampling of recent/active threads from the PSC [More…]

Nov 052011
Phillies Hot Stove Rumor: Pursuing Free Agent Michael Cuddyer

Unlike the NFL, MLB free agency is a slow crawl, with the premium guys usually holding out into the winter before signing ridiculously huge (and fully guaranteed) deals. In the meantime, teams start to plug holes where they can.  Case in point — the Phillies signed slugger Jim Thome to at least upgrade the bench [More…]

Phillies sign Jim Thome

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Nov 042011
Phillies sign Jim Thome

MLB free agency officially opened on Thursday and the Phillies have wasted little time hedging their bets against Ryan Howard’s Achilles injury. That’s because they have signed former Phillies first baseman and fan favorite Jim Thome, per the consistently excellent Todd Zolecki. It’s awesome news.  Thome is one of the best left handed power hitters [More…]

Nov 022011
PSC Phillies Talk: Polanco wins gold glove; MLB Free Agency; more...

As MLB Free Agency gets set to open, the Phillies are in an intersting position as a championship caliber team facing a fair amount of turmoil and change. Will Jimmy Rollins be back?  Ryan Madson?  If not, who’s the closer?  What happens at first if Ryan Howard misses the start of the season with his [More…]