Amaro’s Poker Game

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Dec 132010
Amaro's Poker Game

By Tony Fryckberg: 72,193-to-1. Those are the odds in poker of drawing a straight flush. A straight flush is the only hand in poker that can beat four aces. Ruben Amaro has pocket aces, the third ace fell on the turn, and now it’s time for the river card–and he’s all in. The dealer? A [More…]

Dec 132010
RUMOR: Phillies still pursuing Cliff Lee

By Justin Adkins: Today, Twitter was buzzing with rumors that a “mystery” team was pursuing free agent ace Cliff Lee.  It was then reported that this so-called team was offering less years, but it was a place that Lee “loved”. It wasn’t a stretch to speculate that this meant the team going after Lee was the [More…]