Dec 292011
BAM on Boxing: Stick With What Works

A professional fighter should have a team he can trust, a team that knows the sport and is dependable. The manager and trainer should be interactive and do what is best for the fighter. When a manager and trainer are divided it puts more stress on the fighter and does not allow him to focus [More…]

Dec 222011
BAM on Boxing: Transition

There’s always a twist when an amateur turns pro, especially an outstanding amateur. The decision between becoming a professional or going for the gold medal is a decision that can affect an entire career. If a fighter is living a comfortable life, does that mean he will spend more time as an amateur and attempt [More…]

Dec 152011
BAM on Boxing: Attitude Is Important

Fighters who will fight anyone at any time, and legitimately mean it, are few and far between these days. Those fighters commonly have a few losses but usually have a loyal fan base. Hall-of-Fame promoter J Russell Peltz told me what it was like to promote fighters such as former WBA bantamweight champion Jeff Chandler [More…]

Dec 062011
BAM on Boxing: Telling It Like It Is

Maybe it was his voice, his attitude, or the outspoken tendencies of the late sportscaster Howard Cosell, but there always was energy in the fights he announced. He announced many historic matches and today’s generation deserves that same energy. History was made in Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, not only for Philadelphia, but for [More…]

Nov 292011
BAM on Boxing: Pushed to the Limits

Some fighters have that “under-the-lights swagger” while others have the “gym kingship”. When a fighter has the best of both worlds, it shows. Fighters who have both and are pushed to their limits usually have the talent to pull through. A fighter can learn more from being in a severe storm than he can from [More…]

Nov 232011

The Philadelphia Eagles were 3-6 going into Sunday night’s game against the New York Giants. Eagles fans had just about had it with the team, but seeing them win Sunday brought back their spirits and they fell in love with the Eagles all over again. That’s exactly how boxing fans felt Saturday night at Bally’s [More…]

Nov 172011
BAM on Boxing: Thoughts on Pacquiao-Marquez fight

When I was watching the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez fight Saturday night, I felt like I was watching my favorite hockey team blow a 5-3 lead in the third period by backing off and watching the clock after having played so well throughout the game. When Pacquiao and Marquez met the first time on May [More…]

Nov 102011
BAM on Boxing: Down Goes Frazier

One of the most famous lines in boxing history will never be the same and this time the subject can’t get up. Howard Cosell announced the Joe Frazier vs. George Foreman heavyweight championship fight in 1973 from Kingston, Jamaica, where the lines originated. Frazier had the courage and the heart that defines the Philly Fighter. [More…]