Sep 012010
Polanco, Howard, Utley in dry spell for Phillies

September 1 Philadelphia Daily News “The diagnosis Placido Polanco offered last night was the same one he has offered for the better part of the season. How’s the elbow? “Sore,” he said. Any more or less sore than usual? “The same,” he said. Are there any remedies besides painkillers and ice? “Surgery,” he said, with [More…]

Decisions To Leave DL Can Be Dicey

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Aug 292010
Decisions To Leave DL Can Be Dicey

August 29 Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bob Brookover “In a world that’s always in a rush, major-league baseball players are no different. In the last six weeks, Placido Polanco, Shane Victorino, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard have returned from the disabled list after short medical rehab assignments. It’s difficult to say exactly how long these things [More…]

Quiet standout at the hot corner

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Aug 232010
Quiet standout at the hot corner

August 22 Philadelphia Inquirer “Everybody in the Phillies’ clubhouse loves talking about Placido Polanco. Well, almost everybody. “I hate it,” Polanco said. “Hate it. What am I going to tell you about myself? I don’t like it. I feel uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.” Shortstop Jimmy Rollins said Polanco hits only line drives. Manager Charlie Manuel called [More…]

Phils have two All-Star winners

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Jul 132010
Phils have two All-Star winners

July 13 Camden Courier-Post  “Roy Halladay and Placido Polanco know what it’s like to win the All-Star Game. Not many National Leaguers can say that anymore. Polanco’s only appearance came in 2007 as a member of the Detroit Tigers, when Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland managed the AL. The Tigers had gone to the World Series [More…]

Jul 082010
Polanco in a hurry to return to action

July 8 Philadelphia Inquirer “A doctor told Placido Polanco he should start feeling better Tuesday. The Phillies third baseman, out since June 25 with left triceps tendinitis, is starting to believe. “I don’t know if you’ve ever been hurt,” he said Wednesday, “but there’s one day when you feel like you turn the corner. You [More…]