Aug 042010
Goodell, Eagles trying to save face on the Vick saga

August 4 Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan “You can tell Roger Goodell and the Eagles are wrong about Michael Vick by the knots they twist themselves into while trying to justify their actions – and inaction. The NFL commissioner dropped into Eagles camp Tuesday afternoon along with John Madden in some rock star’s tour bus. Goodell [More…]

Jul 092010
Tony Dungy: Michael Vick may still face NFL punishment from Roger Goodell

July 9 USA Today   “Former NFL coach Tony Dungy said Thursday that Michael Vick may still face repercussions from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell despite police in Virginia clearing him of criminal wrongdoing in a June 25 shooting at his birthday party. Speaking to the Dan Patrick radio show, Dungy said Vick, on probation for his [More…]