Jul 092010
Tony Dungy: Michael Vick may still face NFL punishment from Roger Goodell

July 9 USA Today   “Former NFL coach Tony Dungy said Thursday that Michael Vick may still face repercussions from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell despite police in Virginia clearing him of criminal wrongdoing in a June 25 shooting at his birthday party. Speaking to the Dan Patrick radio show, Dungy said Vick, on probation for his [More…]

Jul 072010
Michael Vick restrained during altercation just prior to birthday party shooting

by Justin Adkins Exhibiting the type of judgment that allowed him to see nothing wrong with the systematic torture and murder of animals, Michael Vick had to be restrained during an altercation just prior to the Birthday Party Shootout. That’s the statement made by Harvey L. Bryant, the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Virginia Beach today.  “There were [More…]

Jul 072010
No charges in shooting after Vick's birthday party

July 7 Philadelphia Daily News “The Virginia Beach police say they are done with Michael Vick, and, maybe, done with the case that might have cost Vick his second chance in the NFL. Police said reluctant witnesses and an uncooperative shooting victim have convinced the prosecutor’s office not to press charges against the shooter – [More…]

Eagles must cut Vick if he lied

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Jul 012010

July 1 Philadelphia Inquirer “This has gotten really simple. If the security video from Guadalajara restaurant contradicts anything Michael Vick told police, the Eagles, or the NFL about the night of his disastrously ill-conceived “birthday party,” the Eagles must cut ties with Vick immediately. Not because that would prove Vick was involved with the shooting [More…]

Jul 012010

July 1 Philadelphia Daily News “Andy Reid and the Virginia Beach Police Department have the same problem. Neither knows what to call Michael Vick. “Right now, we don’t really have a title for him,” police spokesman Adam Bernstein told the Daily News yesterday. That’s a clear departure from Friday’s declaration. Then, police said they had [More…]