Jan 202011
Magic makes Sixers' lead disappear with win in overtime

January 20 Philadelphia Daily News: “As award shows will quickly be upon us, let us present the award for most bizarre losses in a single season to the 76ers. For the fifth time, the Sixers found a way to gift-wrap a win and present it to the opposition, this time a 99-98 overtime debacle to [More…]

76ers defeat depleted Magic

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Dec 192010
76ers defeat depleted Magic

December 19 Philadelphia Inquirer: “Forget whatever you thought you knew about the 76ers. That they can’t shoot, don’t defend, and aren’t worth the price of admission. Because right now the Sixers are reinventing themselves. They’re morphing into a playoff basketball team. On Saturday night inside the Amway Center, the Sixers defeated the shorthanded Orlando Magic, [More…]