Aug 102011
The Crow's Nest: A Case(y) for Blake

With Placido Polanco being diagnosed with a sports hernia and his status unknown for the foreseeable future the Phillies once again have some questions about third base. This is still a question that deserves an answer, despite the Phillies motoring along at a high rate with the best record in baseball again. Right now super [More…]

Aug 052011
The Crow’s Nest: A Rhodes Scholar

A few days ago the Texas Rangers designated Arthur Lee Rhodes for assignment.  He didn’t have very good overall numbers for the AL champions after signing with them as a free agent in the offseason.  The 41 year-old lefty pitched to a 4.81 ERA in 32 games with 1.479 WHIP in 24 1/3 innings.  At [More…]

Feb 172011
The Crow’s Nest: Breaking down the 2011 Phillies - The Bench & Depth

By Barry Jeffrey, Jr.: The Phillies have solid starting players, from the on field eight through the rotation and the bullpen.  No one really can question that, if everyone is healthy, but what about the bench and the depth below the major league levels.  Any team that suffers injuries to key members of their starting [More…]

Feb 162011
The Crow’s Nest: Breaking down the 2011 Phillies - The Bullpen

By Barry Jeffrey, Jr.: If there is a weakness on the Phillies, most of the experts point to here.  Many questions pertaining to the pen often come up.  Among these questions is which Brad Lidge will show up? Lidge is still the closer, and a pricey one ($11.5 million) whose in game stability has been [More…]

Feb 152011
The Crow’s Nest: Breaking down the 2011 Phillies - The Rotation

By Barry Jeffrey Jr.: The offense may have lost a big part in losing Werth but the Phillies went out and trumped that by getting the one thing people always say brings wins, pitching.  The rotation that was already running three top flight pitchers in Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels, adds another World [More…]

Feb 142011
The Crow’s Nest: Breaking down the 2011 Phillies - The Offense

By Barry Jeffrey Jr. Spring Training is finally here, so it is time to break down the 2011 Phillies, Spring Training version. Additions: LHP Cliff Lee, RHP Eddie Bonine, RHP Brian Bass, LHP Ryan Feierabend, LHP Dan Meyer, LHP Juan Perez, RHP Jason Grilli, OF-1B Brandon Moss, 1B-3B-OF Jeff Larish, 1B-3B-OF Rob Quinlan, 2B-OF-3B Delwyn [More…]

Feb 092011

By Barry Jeffrey Jr.: Every now and again I will post an article like this on a few potential players that one of the Philly teams could or should (in my own opinion) target as an acquisition.  The first of these will be in this article today and of course deals with the Phillies.  What [More…]

Jan 262011
The Crow's Nest:  "Arsenic and Old Age"

By Barry Jeffrey Jr:  So the Phillies have signed Cliff Lee and they now have possibly the best rotation in baseball in the last decade. Yet mostly what I am hearing out of the so-called experts is how old the aces are and how old and injury prone the rest of the team is.  These [More…]