Aug 052010
What are the facts? The owner doesn't appear to be that curious about them

August 5 Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan “Jeff Lurie says he deals in “the facts” when it comes to Michael Vick’s birthday bash at the OK Corral, and that’s fine. It just makes you wonder why he doesn’t seem that concerned with knowing the facts, let alone sharing those facts with the people who support his [More…]

Vick cleared by NFL

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Jul 262010
Vick cleared by NFL

July 26 Philadelphia Inquirer “The NFL has completed its investigation into the shooting at Michael Vick’s birthday party last month in Virginia Beach and he has been cleared to play, a league spokesman told the Daily News today. In an email, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, “there is no change in his playing status.” The [More…]

Jul 242010
Report: Vick may have violated bankruptcy laws

July 24 Philadelphia Daily News “It seems Michael Vick will have some explaining to do in bankruptcy court, according to a report on The Eagles quarterback is facing charges that he made unauthorized and illegal gifts to friends and family in the months before he declared bankruptcy. According to court records, Vick wrote and [More…]

Jul 152010
Trustee: Michael Vick intentionally avoided paying back creditors

by Justin Adkins Per today’s AP story, Michael Vick has yet more financial explaining to do.  After admitting to the systematic torture and killing of dogs during his years running a dog fighting/gambling operation, Vick was sentenced to Federal prison. But before he put on the orange jumpsuit, Vick spread around some of his liquid assets (it’s unclear if [More…]

Jul 152010
Kolb supports Vick, hopefully shows better judgment on field

by Justin Adkins I get it.  Players support players.  QB’s support QB’s.  That’s fine.  But Kevin Kolb going out of his way to express his unwavering support and close friendship with admitted dog torturer Michael Vick comes off not only as forced, but blindingly ignorant. Said Kolb, “I just told [Vick] that it was unfortunate [More…]

Jul 112010
Source: Michael Vick Not Allowed to Travel

 July 11 “Michael Vick has to stay put and is not allowed to travel out of the state for now, according to NBC 10’s John Clark. Clark said the Eagles backup QB is being denied traveling privileges and has already missed two scheduled appearances, according to his crisis manager Judy Smith. Vick was scheduled [More…]

Jul 072010
Eagles interested in trading for QB Troy Smith to replace Vick?

by Justin Adkins Howard Eskin reported today via Twitter that the Eagles are interested in Ravens QB Troy Smith, possibly as a replacement for admitted dog torturer Michael Vick. Smith has been asking for a trade out of Baltimore since Joe Flacco was drafted in the 1st round, and since then has become even further buried [More…]

Jul 072010
No charges in shooting after Vick's birthday party

July 7 Philadelphia Daily News “The Virginia Beach police say they are done with Michael Vick, and, maybe, done with the case that might have cost Vick his second chance in the NFL. Police said reluctant witnesses and an uncooperative shooting victim have convinced the prosecutor’s office not to press charges against the shooter – [More…]